Hyper Acidity


Vaidya Manubhai GoudaniMost of the stomach diseases nowadays a disease is seen? "Acid bile" which in English, it is called acidity. In addition to the foods we eat, we also have symptoms such as overly greasy and fried foods. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the only food that can be digested. Sourness occurs. This is caused by hydrochloric acid and fermentation of rice, khaman, curd. Also says. For whatever reason (then those substances, versus diets, have just begun to take on their own nature, I .e.Physical or mental) When foods that do not fit in the stomach, are new and appropriate when sour salts start to become salty, take it in large quantities, setting up frequent fasting regimens. Excessive acidity or hyperacidity, excessive fasting, excessive called. In this case, to awaken the patient's stomach, to consume more honey, comes and goes. Chest Inflammation (Heartburn), Sour Vomiting - Urinary incontinence, after meals during the day but the disorder gets older symptoms of nausea, vomiting, etc. Immediately falling asleep, etc., and restlessness of mind - then be very careful. Is generated. Neglecting this acidity can only be done through treatment and diet of tension, fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, etc. If it occurs, ulcers in the stomach or at the end of the stomach can also be cured by controlling the production of acid bile due to mental reasons. Who has gastritis or gastric ulcer? Or say Eoin ulcer. What happens when such acidosis occurs what happens to the anorexia caused by the food eaten in acidosis? So Ayurveda doctors say that due to which proper digestion is not done and the food eaten is not digested if there is exertion, dizziness, such c-Fermentation occurs, and fatigue occurs even without mixing bile in it, Utkalesh means one to two teaspoons of horse-odor daily. Sour bloating, belching, nausea, vomiting, especially root powder. Fry it lightly in ghee. Then Vomiting occurs. Vomiting when you feel heaviness in the stomach after eating everything out, add delicious sugar to the milk, for a while, there is peace in the stomach only after leaving. Inflammation of the abdomen, chest, and even the throat, boiling, chilling, and drinking. Baby drying up, When the diet is very sour, salty, spicy and anorexia and headaches, women with weak chest and abdomen, and who do not weigh excessive use of hot items can cause rumbling and other symptoms. This experiment for individuals who are often growing acid bile is produced when it comes. This is beneficial in patients with severe acidosis, dizziness, and much more.


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